HELPFUL HINTS SERIES | Is Your Utility Bill Too High?

Earlier this summer, Andrea received a letter from the City of College Station regarding her water bill. Since her residence is connected to the City sewer system, but her drinking water is from a separate utility service, they let her know that she is eligible to participate in a flat rate billing program after a water usage pattern is established!

The reason College Station offers this flat rate is that they do not receive the monthly water meter readings from the drinking water source, so they do not have the information on which to base the sewer charges. The flat rates are put into four brackets, ranging in price from $18.78 per month to $41.34 per month.

New accounts are automatically put into the highest bracket until they can provide documentation that would put them into a lower category. They will accept this documentation from whomever provides the other water services, in Andrea’s case, Wellborn SUD. With that information, they will calculate your average water usage and adjust your monthly sewer service charge accordingly. This could mean huge savings for you! Additionally, if you have been paying too much in recent history, they will give you a billing credit for up to six months’ worth of the difference between the top rate and your new rate. This is a one-time service that they provide, but for Andrea, it led to a very large credit!

Make sure to contact the Water Services Department at 979-764-3535 to see if you’re eligible for this savings opportunity, or drop by the Utility Customer Service at 310 Krenek Tap Road.


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